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Lorena San José

Lorena San José

Lorena San José is wedding photographer and winner of the First Prize of Professional Photography EFTI and has been part of exhibitions in PhotoEspaña OFF Space, Galería Cero o el Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid (Fine Arts).

Lorena contacted us to create all the graphic identity of her project, from the logo to the website, business cards, packaging… We believe in the importance that has when a customer deposit all the confidence to develop their image, either on paper or screen. This is better for the final result and a consistent design line.

Lorena sought from the beginning a line with handmade design and esthetic look and vintage tattoo, for which we have the help of her trusted tattoo artist, who made ​​several illustrations for each piece of stationery, web, etc. Together we create the image and also a clean and easy website (lorenasanjose.com) to use and self management for her.

For the business cards printing, we decided to make two models using the same design and therefore same printing plates. For one model, We used thick cardboard for one business card model and wood for the other more special. We were very careful in the choice of materials so they fit perfectly with the packaging created: wooden boxes and USB with the logo printed in where Lorena could deliver the DVD and original photos of her wedding works.

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