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Demba Creative Productions is a recently created production company born out of the need to do and enjoy doing. After a long haul supporting Scenic and Cinematic Arts, they venture into the creative production, to nourish of culture and art, corners, rooftops, terrains, grooves, castles, villages and cities.

Its name describes pretty plain and wild terrain that is accessed by an appendix of dry stone houses in the region of Monegros.

In his briefing made ​​it clear that his image should make reference to these arid places with water scarcity and resources at the Monegros Dessert, and had enough personality at first glance.

We move away from the start of typefaces already created to find the most original picture possible, and we started to work on a unique lettering to give the identity of the project needed.

We created two graphic design lines, one with only typography and the other would be accompanied by an illustration showing a monegrino landscape with the with the typical tree of this area: The Oak. In this way the customer could decide what kind of image in relation to item that it was applied (business card, invoice, poster, etc..).

Once successful the logo and whenever we create a new corporate image, we attach their adaptation to social networks: facebook applications, icons twitter or what the client needs.



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