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El Calotipo

El Calotipo is a Book Arts and Design center located in Zaragoza (Spain), unique thanks to its products, services and features.


Located in San Pablo neighborhood, the place that has witnessed the evolution of the craftsmen in their workshops since the fifteenth century, we aim to give impetus to this area of the city and recover some old crafts and new technologies works taking as a starting point the following:  manual printing generates some qualities which are very interesting in graphic design.


In El Calotipo, we produce and market selected edition products, posters, textiles and other paper items made with traditional printing methods and careful design.

We provide training workshops of different kinds of Book Art: silk screen printing, engraving, manual and photopolymer (letterpress) typography, book binding and graphic design applied to each technique. Furthermore, we offer you the equipment for your publishing projects as well as accommodation for national and international artists.


Our clients are event services companies, bookstores, shops and others who want to give a different image to their products, musicians, artists, illustrators, graphic designers … and anyone who wants to self-publish their work and learn the possibilities of these creative processes. We are also open to collaborations and innovative art projects, if you have an idea please don’t hesitate to contact us. Apart from being a traditional printing techniques design studio, El Calotipo is trying to be a meeting point for all kind of artists.


We have inks, machinery and many ideas… and we’re waiting for you!

Rent Services

El Calotipo offers its facilities for rent and provides technical support for the development of multiple art projects.

We have well-equipped facilities for the development of the following techniques:

– Engraving and Stamping
– Silkscreen Art
– Typography and photopolymer craft
– Basic binding and experimental editions



– Daily fee / 4 hours: 39 euros
– Daily fee / 8 hours: 65 euros
– Weekly fee / 20 hours: 160 euros
– Weekly / fee 40 hours: 280 euros
– Monthly fee / open schedule: 550 euros
– Technical support per hour: 10 euros



If you need technical support in the development of your project or acquire any material contact us beforehand so that you could take the most of our workshop.


Budget issues without commitment

if you want us to make a print run of your artwork- ask without any obligation.