What is Calotipo?

El Calotipo is a printing craft workshop that fuses traditional graphic processes with new design technologies. We also investigate with new materials to provide special finishes on our products as well as on the original artwork.

What do we do?

We produce and market selected edition products, make Book Art workshops (binding, engraving, silkscreen and letterpress) and offer a rental service of our facilities for artists, designers and creative people.

Our means

We have well-equipped engraving and manual typography area, artisanal silk screen printing facilities and a part of common workshop for book binding and finishes, as well as computer equipment and rest area.

Where are we?

El Calotipo is located in Zaragoza (Spain) in San Pablo neighborhood. Situated in the heart of the city, this historical part of the center has witnessed the evolution of the printing industry when the first printers installed their workshops here in the fifteenth century.